Top 5 Vintage Stores in The Haight

Top 5 Vintage Stores in The Haight

Looking for that elusive pair of hipster loafers, but can't bring yourself to go to Urban Outfitters? The Haight is the place for you!

5. Crossroads

If you and your best gaggle of girlfriends all want to wear the same skinny jeans / v-neck combo to a party for less than $5 a pop, Crossroads is your scene. With its unassuming but wide-ranging color-coded selection, Crossroads is ideal for the first-time thrifter. Plus, if you find yourself neighborhood-jumping, there are several others in San Francisco too.

4. Cheap Thrills

Jealous of all the brightly colored fake Ray-Bans you peeped at Outside Lands? Stop by Cheap Thrills and snag a pair, along with some bacon band-aids, a foot-high toy robot, and a feather boa. At Cheap Thrills, every day is Halloween, or at least Bay to Breakers.

3. Bettie Page

As far as we care, pinup style is always in. Bettie Page is the place for everyone who fantasizes about being Rosie the Riveter but hasn't found that perfect time machine. Plus, you could probably get away with wearing some of their outfits to work! (Okay, especially if you work at a Marilyn Monroe theme restaurant.)

2.Held Over

Don't be thrown off by Held Over's gritty organization system, which rivals a librarian with a shoe problem. You will be grateful for the categories when you find yourself trying to decide between seven different "60s Bond Girl" waistcoats. Such is the great selection at Held Over.

1. Mystery Mister

Though we may have a slight bias toward the fedoras, it's impossible not to be charmed by Mystery Mister. And although it may be one of the newest vintage stores in the Haight, the locals are already enamored. It's at once intimate, relatively inexpensive and painfully stylish--like shuffling through your grandmother's closet, if your grandmother were a character on the BBC and also possibly a Victorian-era secret agent.

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