Top 5 Reasons To Go To A Giants Game

Top 5 Reasons To Go To A Giants Game

Maybe you're not the most into sports. But any San Francisco type will tell you that it's just not late summer without a trip to AT&T Park. So buck up and pay up--and don't forget a hoodie!

5. The View is Beautiful

In summer time, the game's schedule is at the perfect time to watch the evening fall over the Bay. Even if you don't have the cheap seats, take a hike up to the outfield area. It's worth the stair climb.

4. The Players Are Secretly Hilarious

It might be hard to tell them apart on the field, but the Giants are known for being, frankly, complete weirdoes. A sample quote from pitcher Brian Wilson: "Iā€™m a certified ninja. It happenedĀ in a dream. Normally it takes aĀ lifetime, but I did it in 12 minutes.ā€ Well, okay, then.

3. Hot Dogs and Beer

Hopefully you prepared adequately with your fellow fans! Even so, ponying up for one of the stadium 'dogs is well worth it. Paired with a classy draft of Blue Moon, you've got a spectator dinner of champions.

2. Baseball Ain't That Hard to Understand

Every time we tried to watch football as a kid, we'd be stymied by the complete incomprehensibility of it all. Not so with baseball. Dude hits, dude runs, how hard could it be? Even if you don't know exactly what an "unassisted triple" is, you can still see that he was totally safe, ref! Where are you lookin'?

1. The Fans

This one's an easy one. Giants fans are exuberant, cheerful, and no-nonsense--the coverage of the Giants' World Series win a few years ago can attest as much. Sing along to Sweet Caroline, do a wave or two, and enjoy the ride.

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