Top 5 Ice Cream Places For Vegans

Top 5 Ice Cream Places For Vegans

Nobody likes to be the loner in an ice cream social who's just eating sprinkles with a spoon. Thanks to San Francisco's awesome non-dairy crowd, now everybody can enjoy a cone with the crew.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous--699 22nd St

This is a great place for non-vegans, with flavors like candied violet and nougat to satisfy your adventurous sweet tooth. Meanwhile, their strawberry basil sorbet is non-dairy (although very sweet indeed), and the out-of-the-way location is worth it for the great view.

4. St. Francis Fountain--2801 24th St

St. Francis gets extra points for having a pretty amazing vegan menu all around. When your parents come into town to visit, have them buy you a tofu scramble and finish up with a vanilla soy cone. Maybe you can get them a clown-face sundae in return.

3. Three Twins--254 Fillmore St

Though Three Twins' flavors may not be as imaginative as some of their competitors, simplicity is definitely not a weakness when it comes to organic, delicious ice cream. Their non-dairy sorbet selection, although only available in stores, is to die for.

2.Humphry Slocombe--2790 Harrison St

Anywhere with flavors that will legitimately get you a little buzzed is high in my book. Their sorbet ain't playing around. Last time we got a double-scoop strawberry daiquri / lime margarita sorbet and had to take a cab home. Meanwhile, non-vegans can get their own ice cream frenzy on by ordering a Secret Breakfast. Drinks all around!

1.Bi-Rite--3692 18th Street

Our favorite thing about Bi-Rite--and lo, there are many--is that their vegan ice cream actually tastes like...well, ice cream. We love sorbet, but there are only so many fruit flavors that one can endure with a smile. Bi-Rite's chocolate coconut cone must be substituting sunshine and rainbows for its milk products. Though there's usually a line, it's absolutely worth it.

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