Top 3 Ways To Get Your Zombie On This Week

Top 3 Ways To Get Your Zombie On This Week

It's October, and we all know what that means! While you're trying to decide between your Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain costumes (hint: just go with a Sexy Ballot Box and you're golden), hit up some of these sweet brain-eating events. Don't forget to practice your groans!

1. Zombie Pub Crawl 2011--San Francisco's first ever zombie pub crawl is going to be a--wait for it--SCREAM! In all seriousness, the drinks are cheap and the party's going to last all night. Plus, there's the lack of embarrassment inherent in drinking while dressed up like a zombie: at a certain point, what's the difference between "Too much whisky" and "Craving for the flesh of humans"?

2. Zombie Nightlife--Okay, so I love NightLife 100% of the time anyway. Any event that gets groups of twentysomethings usually busy scoffing at Top-40 music to get wide-eyed and earnest at a lionfish is A-okay with me. But add the undead into the mix, complete with a zombie drag show, zombie-themed drinks, zombie neuroscience, and zombie makeovers? It's gonna be a hell of a night, and not just because of the albino crocodile.

3. The San Francisco National Cemetery--This isn't strictly zombie-themed, but Halloween is the best time of year to remember how the holiday started: an acknowledgment of the dead. The SF Cemetery is both beautiful and a truly calming, reverent place: walk the headstones before the cemetery closes at 5 pm and then stroll up the Presidio, feeling the autumn chill settle itself around your shoulders.

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