Top 3 Places to Find Possibly Possessed Furniture

Top 3 Places to Find Possibly Possessed Furniture

This past weekend, I looked around my tiny little room and felt a pang of sadness for its Ikea-ridden state. I decided I would quest to find a Real Life Adult Person piece of furniture. And found it I did! A tiny nightstand, circa 1980, with only a few questionable stains. One major tip, however: get a friend with a car to drive you home. My arms are still bruised from dragging that sucker along Alemany.

1. Community Thrift

If you're in search of an end table with just the je ne sais quoi that your bouquet of lavender stems deserve, Community Thrift is great for you. It's smack in the middle of the Mission, so any poltergeists possessing the knick-knacks will likely be exorcised by the promise of burritos and/or R.E.M.'s greatest hits. Plus, a huge chunk of their proceeds go to charity!

2. Alemany Flea Market

A key to Alemany, I've found? Headphones. This place is so huge that a podcast in your ears is just enough to drown out the enterprising salespeople trying to shill you vintage rifles and/or eight pairs of flip-flops. Get your game-face on, act like you don't care, and haggle that lampshade down $20 from its original price! Then eat a truck taco. Because you deserve it.

3. Treasure Island Flea

Although T.I.F. is only going on for the next three months, it's definitely worth a visit. Scads of vendors, artists, and random hippies will be there to sell you your next one-of-a-kind boudoir. And don't forget to pick up that priceless painting of a tiger fighting a cheetah. Someday, it'll be an antique.

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