Top 3 Places For Vegetarian Chinese Food in The Sunset

Top 3 Places For Vegetarian Chinese Food in The Sunset

Last weekend, I stumbled out of Hardly Strictly feeling freakin' famished. Having consumed nothing but delicious french fries and secondhand airborne joy all day really takes its toll on a person. Luckily, I had these super-delish Chinese vegetarian places to turn to:

1. Shangri-La Chinese--The chief problem I have at Shangri-La is that I cannot make a decision there. From tofu beef to seitan chicken to plain old delicious bean curd wrapped in happiness, Shangri-La will have your belly full and your face smeared with a smile for less than $10 each. Bonus: all the tea you can drink! Come with a friend so you can try two things; I recommend the spicy "beef".

2. Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant--If you're not in the mood for pretending that veggies are meat, Enjoy has a whole lot of creative uses for the green bean that I had not previously even considered. Plus a truly inspired pine nut fried rice. It's a little pricier than Shangri-La, so make your techie friends treat you next time they're up from Palo Alto.

3. The Golden Rice Bowl--If, like me, you're staggering around the Sunset with a surly carnivore in tow, venture into the Golden Rice Bowl for plenty of options for the pair of you. Not only was the waitstaff epically hilarious--he got me not once, but twice with the same joke--the food was superb and hugely portioned. I couldn't finish my spicy eggplant, but not because I didn't want to.

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