Three Great Places to Get Super-Early Christmas Gifts

Three Great Places to Get Super-Early Christmas Gifts

Okay, so this year I wasn't great about Christmas shopping. Essentially, I forgot most of the people on my list and had to do some last-minute Etsy-and-Target-ing. Whoops. This year, I'm starting early. Here are five great places for you to do the same:

1. Renegade Craft Fair--The Renegade Craft Fair comes around twice a year (ish), and it is straight up awesome. There are interactive workshops, a free photo booth, and food and drinks galore. Plus, approximately frillions of knick-knacks and doodads (for lack of better terms) that you can get to perplex and enthrall that artsy aunt who always gives you novelty socks.

2. Bazaar Bizarre--If you're not the type to be impressed with scented candles and bags with screen-printed birds on them, Bazaar Bizarre is the place for you. Its available wares are the perfect intersection of ugly and cute--kind of like your boyfriend's pug, except you don't want to shove them under the cushions when you get creeped out. If you're looking for a gift to--say, your new friend with benefits--that says "I'm fond" without saying much more, this is the place for you.

3. Mission Street, Between 20th and 24th--Okay, this one's a bit of a cop-out. If you're like me and have wonderful family back in wherever who've never seen the Golden Gate Bridge, this is the perfect place to find a $5 t-shirt that says "I <3 Nob Hill" on it. They'll be super-impressed by achieving their "non-tourist" status, and you can give yourself a high-five for finishing your Christmas list in March.

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