Three Great Bars in the Tendernob

Three Great Bars in the Tendernob

One of my good friends does go on about the "hippest" spots in San Francisco, but I've learned to trust his instincts despite occasionally wanting desperately to roll my eyes at him. So when he started rambling about how hilariously awesome he found the unique intersection between the Tenderloin and Nob Hill, I knew I had to join him. Here are a few great bars to hit up the next time you're straddling the line between snooty and cracky. (And yes, gentrification sucks, but if you're over on Polk with alcohol needs you may as well make lemonade out of overpriced studio apartment lemons.)

1. Shanghai Kelly's--I do love my dive bars, but sometimes the bartenders aren't what one might call "pleasant." Not so at Shanghai Kelly's. As long as you're not a drunken jerkwad, they'll be all smiles. Plus, cheap specials! Heyyy!

2. Rye--So the service at Rye is a little bit sassier than that of SK's. Can you blame them? They're deluged with starry-eyed Missionites who go all the way down to the Tendernob just to get their drink on. Oh, wait. In all seriousness, Rye has some of the fanciest drinks on the block. The basil gimlet is golden, and I'm not just saying that because I like drinks with herb gardens in them.

3. The Alibi--I've never really understood what's up with SF bars offering the old shot-and-beer-for-$7 combo, but I'm not gonna look that drunk horse in the mouth. The Alibi is the perfect place to park it with a good buddy and watch the dawn start creepin' in. Go there to get one last drink before the long, crackhead-filled walk back to the BART.

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