Three Freakin' Delicious Sandwiches at the Best Sandwich Place in the Richmond

Three Freakin' Delicious Sandwiches at the Best Sandwich Place in the Richmond

I don't get out to the Richmond very often. As a Mission-dweller, I kinda get cold and sad at the prospect of taking two separate buses to the business end of Golden Gate Park. But when I do, I always make a point to stop by Lou's Sandwiches. Believe me when I say, folks, that Lou's is less a convenience and more of a mecca. It is easy, however, to get overwhelmed by the menu. Here are three good places to start:

1. The LLB Special--This baby is essentially a meat sculpture with the convenience of bread to hold it together. With roast beef, turkey, ham, and two different cheeses in addition to the standard sandwich fixins, you won't be hungry for weeks after. At least you'll have gone out with a bang.

2. Crab Melt--If the LLB is the proverbial white v-neck of delicatessen options--hardy, reliable, and always necessary to jazz up a torso--then the Crab Melt is a pair of pressed Dickies and a classy pastel button-down. The combination of crab salad and avocado is unexpected, but divine, and the dripping American cheese just makes the whole thing a toe-curling experience.

3. Veggie-licious--Take it from me: as a veghead, it is The Worst when the only sandwich fare is iceberg lettuce and some lame mustard action. Lou's has won my heart forever by introducing eggplant, mushroom, and avocado into an already delicious combination of lettuce, tomato, pickles, and garlic sauce. No more Subway for us, folks: this stuff is gourmet.

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