Three Fab Restaurants to Make An "Interesting" Date

Three Fab Restaurants to Make An

If you're a little tired of the standard dinner-and-a-movie routine, maybe it's a time to take your date somewhere that'll shake her foundations a little. Nothing too out of the ordinary, of course--but here are three great restaurants that offer more than the standard appetizer:

1. The Supperclub--If you have an appetite for adventure (and aren't squeamish about someone's underthings getting up close and personal), The Supperclub is for you. A flat fee includes a five-course (vegan-friendly!) meal, and the show changes every week. From acrobats to a strip tease to an audience-participation balloon popping contest (no hands allowed!), Supperclub will definitely make for an entertaining (if not mainstream) evening.

2. The Stinking Rose--Maybe you've gone on a few dates at this point and you're thinking of taking things to the next level. But what's to say that he's worth the effort? Only a certain kind of romantic partner will stick by through the trials and travails through your average relationship. Why not take him to the Stinking Rose, one of San Francisco's most original restaurants. The Stinking Rose's all-garlic fare has been a staple of North Beach since the 1960s. Start off the meal with their complimentary garlic spread (natch), get some garlic crab, lasagna, or meatloaf, and cool your heels with some tiramisu. Then get all garlic-y all over each other.

3. Opaque--This one's a pretty easy one, but if you have $100 to spare and a bad hair day to boot, try out one of San Francisco's most famous dining experiences: dining in the complete darkness. It might seem a little New Age-y, but there's definitely some appeal in really taking the time out to taste your food. Just resist the temptation to start giggling at all the suddenly evident "chewing" noises echoing through the place.

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