The 5 People You Meet In Zeitgeist

The 5 People You Meet In Zeitgeist

Though it touts itself as a "dive bar," Zeitgeist on Duboce and Valencia exists more accurately on the cusp of the Mission, the Haight, Noe Valley, and the Castro, thus making it one of the most fascinating microcosms of twentysomethingism in the city. Sit back, grab a beer, and make some friends with some of the clientele--or even make it a drinking game!

1. Guy with Feelings on Hops vs. Wheat--This guy used to drink vodka until, as he once told me, his girlfriend left him and "vodka was too quick." Now he'll tell you all about the best stout in the house, if you don't mind nodding encouragingly as he tells you his troubles.

2. Girl Who Just Came From an Art Party--Since Zeitgeist is also at the edge of So-Soma, chances are there are a lot of gallery parties letting out around this time. Art Party girl is beautiful, but with the sort of starved look that comes from eating exactly zero burritos ever. Tread with caution, for the last gallery you went to had Picasso in it and she's about post-post-post-modernism.

3. Dude Who Isn't Just Smoking a Cigarette--Zeitgeist is semi-notorious for turning a blind eye to its clientele's backyard shenanigans. Buy this guy some cheese fries and maybe he'll share the goods.

4. Inexplicably Old Couple--Since Noe Valley is just up the way, occasionally a few older pairs will venture down to the "hip" side of town. Zeitgeist is about as nonthreatening as you get for a bar with a Playboy bunny skull on the door. Be gentle with them, for they, too, just want a Bloody Mary.

5. Cranky Bartender--Last time I went to Zeitgeist, my drink order (the aforementioned Bloody Mary) was denied because the place was too busy. Though it stung a little, I didn't mind--that's how good the drink I got instead was. Such are the perils of a dive bar.

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