Four Great Places to Get Your Sweaty Vinyasa On

Four Great Places to Get Your Sweaty Vinyasa On

Hot yoga is pretty much the best/worst thing in the world, particularly on Sunday mornings, when the whole place begins to reek of stale beer and heartbreak. There are approximately a frillion different places in the city to start your journey toward becoming a Warrior (whether One, Two, or Three).

1. Bikram Seacliff--If you're starting to get early-onset January pudge around the hipular region, Bikram Seacliff is the place to go. Some people claim that all Bikram is created equal. And while all of the moves never vary from class to class, Bikram Seacliff somehow manages to take them to an ass-kicking level. Each class can burn up to 1,400 calories, which makes the trek back from the Outer Richmond extra special.

2. Funky Door Yoga--Sometimes, all that yoga rhetoric about opening your soul to the special flower of starlight can get a tiny bit...well...dated. Funky Door's mission, according to its website, is to balance a "serious workout with an upbeat sense of humor." And balance that it does. I've never left a Funky Door session without a huge smile on my gob, more exemplified that I'm usually in a bikini. Where else?

3. Aha Yoga--Aha has one of the most beautiful practice spaces I've ever seen, with gorgeous hardwood floors and giant bay windows. So it's easy, when the instructors at Aha are attempting to beat the lingering aggression out of your quads, to soak up the atmosphere (and your own sweat) and find yourself at peace.

4. Yoga to the People--I gotta admit, though, that after all these fancy-schmancy yoga places, YttP feels like coming home. It's cozy, donation-based, and has a comforting routine that is always doable. Plus, the nighttime sessions by candlelight are basically the way yoga was meant to be practiced.

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