Five Dance-Happy Ways to Ring in the New Year

Five Dance-Happy Ways to Ring in the New Year

Sometimes New Year's Eve can be overwhelming. Between trying to find a kiss for when the clock strikes midnight and completely forgetting that champagne (and six shots of vodka) is no one's next-day friend, the experience of planning a superdance way of ringing in the year can be stressful. Here are five ways to break it down this NYE:

: 1. The Velvet Teen at Bottom of the Hill--Bottom of the Hill is famous for its awesome divey vibe while still bringing the indie hits. For just $15, you can check out the Velvet Teen's dance-rock fusion jams and spill champagne all of yourself while faux-headbanging. Awesome.

2. Thee Oh Sees at Brick and Mortar Music Hall--San Francisco's indie darlings ring in the new year at Brick and Mortar. Though they somehow missed getting on Pitchfork's album of the year (which is a travesty of unheard-of proportions), you can put them on the shortlist of your heart. Heyyy!

3. '80s New Years Eve--If your ideal dance music starts with "M" and ends with "adonna," this is the spot for you. Put on your glitter-dress and cone bra, kids, and maybe see your photo show up in the SF Bay Guardian the next day. (Just put that drink down--nobody needs to see how very blue that drink is.)

4. Milk Bar Hosted by Absolut--I tend to steer clear of stuff with "hosted by" in the title, but a $10 open bar paired with vintage hip-hop? I'M IN.

5. Masquerade at the Symphony--If you're lucky enough to afford super-fancy parties this season, this is definitely the place. Get your Phantom of the Opera fantasy on and feel classier than you've ever been.

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