Dance-Bar-Dive-Bar: Mission Edition

Dance-Bar-Dive-Bar: Mission Edition

We've all been there: Saturday nights when you look at your group of goin'-out friends and realize that half of them are wearing heels and slinky dresses while the other half look like they might be on their way home from a sneakers-and-jeans convention. And while it's hard to discuss David Foster Wallace while Ke$ha is screaming about the dental hygiene of one Mr. Jack Daniels, it's also occasionally nice to escape a wall-sweating dance floor in search of fresher times with0ut having to leave the bar altogether. What's a people-pleaser to do? Why, find a compromise, of course!

If you find yourself in the Mission with a group of hard-to-pleasers, here's a sample itinerary to satisfy your sitters and pop-n-lockers alike:

The Blind Cat, 23rd and Folsom:

Previously The Dirty Thieves, TBC has appropriately hot/cranky bartenders and a sweet pool table, plus enough cheap drink specials that you can get yourself warmed up and ready to hit the town for less than ten bucks. Bonus points for getting a hipster to sing along to "Leather and Lace" with you.

Little Baobab, 20th and Mission:

Once you've gotten a little buzzed, head down a few blocks to this recently combined restaurant-cum-dance bar. The floor is spacious with plenty of seating around the edges, the drinks are inventive (try the hibiscus cocktail), and the music is usually a fun mix of reggae and hip hop.

Delirium, 16th and Valencia:

I have a secret motive here. Hopefully, by the time you get to Delirium, your grumpy plaid-shirted friends will be hyped up enough that the sweet, sweet lure of LMFAO will get even their wallflower'd butts onto the dance floor. There's something about a dark room and great, danceable Top 40 that brings the inner frat boy out in all of us. Round out the night with a last Tecate, or just swing-dance to Britney's latest while congratulating yourself on being the best party planner in the neighborhood.

Happy hopping!

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