A Few Places to Pretend You're The Newest Jack Kerouac

A Few Places to Pretend You're The Newest Jack Kerouac

It seems like every other person in this city has a burgeoning novel just aching to break free. I gotta be honest with you--I'm really not super-interested in hearing about your exploration of gender in the human experience. But here are a few places you can go get your pretention--I mean, inspiration on:

1. City Lights Bookstore--This one's a pretty obvious one, but come on. What better place to harness Kerouac's essence than the store he regularly patronized? Just load yourself up on some bennies (er--beneficial caffeine supplements, that is) and spend a few days in the second floor lounge. They'll make a Beat Idol of you yet, kid.

2. Modern Times Bookstore--This Mission-centric store specializes in politically progressive literature as well as independently and locally published works. If your blood's not been pumpin' enough from the Occupy movement lately, get thyself down to Modern Works for an eye-opening lecture from a local activist or just a book that looks at the world from a different light. Then strut about, enlightened.

3. Borderlands Cafe--I've talked about Borderlands' ouroborous-laden bookstore before, but I absolutely love to write at the cafe next door. They have some of the nicest baristas in the city behind the counter and reasonably priced vegan cookies to crunch on while you're contemplating your opus. Plus, no wifi means no distractions--you never saw Burroughs browsing on Facebook!

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