5 Local Beers You Should Probably Be Drinking

5 Local Beers You Should Probably Be Drinking

If you're at the stage in your life when Blue Moon is officially "craft beer," you should take a good look at some of San Francisco's local fares. Here are three local beers you should probably be drinking:

1. Speakeasy IPA

If you're a light, hoppy brews guy, Speakeasy "Double Daddy" IPA is your brew. It's malty and easygoing, not to mention good with pretty much anything. Plus, you can get the satisfaction of pretending that you're still living in the 1920s. Everybody wins!

2. Iron Springs "Sless's Stout"

Although it may be dark as pitch, this ain't no run-of-the-mill Guiness-style brew. As the Irons Springs's website puts it, it's "hardy, thick, rich, roasted and chocolaty." This is definitely one that goes down a littleĀ too smooth--and after five or six, the fact that it was the gold medal winner in the 2008 World Beer Cup is definitely appreciated.

3. Anchor Brewing "Anchor Steam"

Honey-colored and sweet, this inoffensive beer will make even the grumpiest of beer snobs crack a grin. It's the perfect beer for starting the night slow, drinking on somebody's rooftop and watching the fog roll in.

4. Triple Rock Brewery "Black Rock Porter"

This brew is dark like a stout but goes down like a lager--the perfect compromise! It's slightly hoppy, with a faintly coffee aftertaste that won't keep you up all night.

5. North Coast Brewing Company "Scrimshaw Pilsner"

Fresh-tasting and light, this one's our personal favorite. Brewed right up the road in Fort Bragg, it's perfect for putting on a yachting cap and pretending that this West Coast fog is East Coast autumn. Ahoy!

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