4 Super-Fun Queer Things To Do In The City

4 Super-Fun Queer Things To Do In The City

If you're a LGBT-type or just an enthusiastic ally, these monthly parties will have you throwing your paws up. Bring an extra outfit just in case--some of these shindigs last all night!

1. Stay Gold--Every Last Wednesday at Public Works

Straightforward dance music combined with a whole lot of glitter make Stay Gold the place to be every last Wednesday of the month. For just $3 and some bright red lipstick, you can grind on that special dude or lady all night long.

2. Bring Your Own Queer--September 17, 2011 at the Bandshell in Golden Gate Park

A free annual festival that's coming just around the corner. Kick back and watch some badass roller derby girls skate it out, dance to some of the Bay's best queer DJs, or just peruse the awesome crafts!

3. Sissy Strut--2nd Friday of every month at SF Underground

For three bucks, you can bring a group of your closest swing-dancing soul sisters out on the town to Sissy Strut. Make your mama proud with your jitterbug (or whatever they danced in the 1950s). When your calves get to achin', they have a photo booth in the corner with props. Top hats, anyone?

4. Hard French--1st Saturday of every month at El Rio

This one's worth another mention because of its sheer insanity. At the last Hard French, a mayoral candidate showed up to judge a dance contest with a bunch of the girls from Kink.com. And yet, somehow, all the dancing stays totally PG. Miracle upon Mission Miracles!

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