3 Ways to Make Hemingway Proud: Writing and Drinking in SF

3 Ways to Make Hemingway Proud: Writing and Drinking in SF

Here are two of my very favorite things in the world: alcohol and the written word. It may be tragically David Foster Wallace-esque of me, but I freakin' love settling down with a glass of scotch and a James Baldwin novel (or gin and Dorothy Parker, or a PBR and Jonathan Franzen, but you get my drift). Luckily, San Francisco seems to be a city full of the similarly inclined. Here are three great ways to make the best of both worlds:

1. Writers With Drinks--You knew I was gonna say this one. Where else will you laugh your face off at Daniel Handler (/Lemony Snicket)'s dour jolliness one minute, then cry into your cup with envy over Samhita Mukhopadhyay's awesome face? Vendela Vida, Cecil Castellucci, and Dave Eggers are all known to show up and hang out. Plus, one time I bumped into Alison Moon on a barstool there. What more do you want?

2. City Arts and Lecture Series--This one is a little less boozy and a little more bookish, but I figured that with a lineup like Joan Didion, Sarah Vowell, and Miranda July, you'll forgive me for sneaking a tallboy into the back. City Lights somehow manages to snag all of San Francisco's distant literary crushes and whisk them to our fair city. It's a little expensive, but the proceeds go to a great cause (826 Valencia), so pony up!

3. The Bold Italic Various Events--If you've never read The Bold Italic, you are seriously missing out. In addition to shining light on hilarious subcultures of San Francisco, they also hold kickass events at their snazzy headquarters every so often. This month is a Christmas party featuring craft beer, DIY ornaments, and a sweet DJ. Awesome.

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