3 Unexpectedly Awesome Things To Do At Golden Gate Park

3 Unexpectedly Awesome Things To Do At Golden Gate Park

Who hasn't gone to the park once or twice to relax in the grass and watch a drum circle? But there's more to do in the country's biggest city park than just discuss the merits of Phish vs. The Grateful Dead for an hour.

1. The Bison Paddock

In 1890, one bison cow and one bull were transported from the Kansas prairie to Golden Gate Park. After overcoming a bout of bovine tuberculosis, the bison kept breeding, eventually helping to restore America's dwindling bison population. Now, you can go say thanks to the descendants of Sarah Bernhardt and Ben Harrison, San Francisco's first bison couple!

2. Hiking Up Strawberry Hill

Although the park's highest point was purportedly formed from post-earthquake rubble, it now forms a beautiful trek that will take your breath away (literally). Whether it's looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge or renting a paddle boat around Stow Lake, Strawberry Hill offers a taste of Yosemite in the middle of the city.

3. The San Francisco Botanical Garden

If hiking or bison aren't your thing (in which case, I feel a little sad for you), venture through the largest botanical garden on the West Coast. With specimens ranging from the Mediterranean to the "Garden of Fragrance," you can find your own little slice of Zen, no matter how grey the weather today. Plus, there's a section called the "Japanese Moon Viewing Garden"--what better reason to break out your werewolf-hunting goggles than to do some good old-fashioned flower sniffing?

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