3 Touristy Things At The Embarcadero That Won't Make You Too Angry

3 Touristy Things At The Embarcadero That Won't Make You Too Angry

We've all been there: friend from out of town swings by and only wants to go north of 2nd Street. Don't get too upset! Here are some things to explore that won't make you feel that much like punching every Segway tour rider you see. 1. Fort Mason--The first time my best friend came to visit me from New Jersey, we ended up staying in a hostel at Fort Mason and got ourselves convinced that we were trapped in an ancient haunted army barracks. Goosebumps has a lot to answer for. But even sober and in daylight, Mason offers up a creepy/cool atmosphere that's perfect for a little city exploration. It also hosts events throughout the month, from gallery openings to sweet foodie festivals.

2. The Sea Lions at Pier 39--Okay, okay. I know you've been hearing about these guys since you were six. But of all the touristy-ass things you do in this city, the piles of sea lions at Pier 39 provide the most low-cost entertainment by far. If you're an intellectual type, you can read about the lions' migratory habits on the informational wall plaques. Or (and this option is far more fun) just assign personalities and drama to all the dock-dwellers for hours. You'd be surprised at how entertaining giant piles of mammals can be.

3. The Ferry Building--When you're wandering the Embarcadero hankering for something that doesn't include the words "Bubba" and/or "Gump", the Ferry Building is the food sanctuary for you. With almost forty different food vendors, you and your out-of-towners can get a taste of San Francisco without the exorbitant price tag.

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