3 Strangely Delicious Combinations of Ethnic Food Around the City

3 Strangely Delicious Combinations of Ethnic Food Around the City

Maybe you're getting tired of going out for burritos--again (I know, as if). Or maybe, more likely, your annoying friend from down the Peninsula is coming up to visit and refuses to eat anything that one could possibly call "exotic." Here are three strangely delicious compromises:

< 1. Chinese Food and Donuts--Every time I get on the BART station at 24th, I look at Chinese Food and Donuts and marvel to myself. Buffet-style Chinese food is already pretty greasy as-is, but to add donuts into the mix? That's just asking for triple-bypass surgery. Well, after finally venturing in there, I can say with certainty: strange it may be, but it is also freakin' awesome. Or maybe the sheer amount of sodium is rotting off my tongue.

2. Indian Pizza--When one of my coworkers kept telling me to forego my very favorite Patxi's (see below) for Indian food on pizza, I scoffed. Sure, green curry is the best thing my stomach's seen since El Farolito, but on a pizza? I wasn't convinced. But free delivery is a powerful seductress, and Zante's Pizza and Indian Cuisine delivers (both figuratively and literally, get it?). Oh my god, pre-curried naan? In easy to eat format? And vegan? Why hasn't everyone in the world thought of this?

3. Latin/American/Possibly French? At Sun Rise--Though Sun Rise bills itself as "Latin and American Food," it's way more delicious than, say, a Green Burrito. It's the only place I've known to offer things like vegan tamales (yee!), French toast, and huevos rancheros, all at the same place. And it's reasonably priced, too! The best place to take all your hipster friends when you want them to shut up about that place in Brooklyn you've never heard of.

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