3 Scene-riffic Places to Get Your Hair Stylin' in the Mission

3 Scene-riffic Places to Get Your Hair Stylin' in the Mission

I have no idea why hair places in San Francisco seem to be like frozen yogurt on the ritzier parts of the Peninsula: it seems like as soon as one springs up, so does five more. Luckily for you, if you happen to come out of your craft-beer-and-burrito fugue just in time to decide you need a haircut, there are no shortages of places in the Mission to get that perfect style. What, you didn't think this artful bedhead came from nowhere, did you?

1. Oui Three Queens--OTQ's slogan, "You're Pretty--We'll Make You Flawless" might seem a little silly, but they really do mean it. Speaking as someone whose hair has the innate power to look exactly the same no matter what I did with it, I can personally attest that OTQ can do their jobs well. And they do makeup, too! I went a few months ago to get all gussied up for a fancy-shmancy corporate event, and I didn't even look like a recent college graduate who should be wearing a hoodie. Which, frankly, is saying something. 2. The Pretty Pretty Collective--At first glance, PPC doesn't actually look like a salon. Rather, it looks like a super hip boutique into which a few mirrors and cushy chairs have been artfully placed. No worries, though: if you're in the neighborhood for a queer-girl chic short cut that will literally have strangers demanding to know where you get your locks shorn, PPC is the place, hanging antler sculpture or no. Plus, you can book ahead online! Ye gods.

3. F.S.C. Barber--I know, I know. Too often, dudes get left out of the funtimes haircut games. Well if you've got a few hours to spare, definitely nip to FSC to turn your shave-and-a-haircut into something fabulous. They don't take appointments, but it's right down the street from Tartine. Just grab a cocktail, bring a book, and prepare to make all those bespectacled twentysomethings put down their Vonnegut to check you out.

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