3 Movie Theaters That Aren't Playing Twilight (Thank God)

3 Movie Theaters That Aren't Playing Twilight (Thank God)

It's Thanksgiving blockbuster season, but all the marquees are showing these days seem to be films about presidents, werewolves, or puppets who sing about friendship. Not that there's anything wrong with the Muppets, but sometimes you just want to go to an indie Swedish film about love in the time of Doctor Who. Here are three great places to start:

1. The Castro--If you want to put on a flapper dress and fancy-it-up for the night while singing along to The Little Mermaid, The Castro Theatre is for you. Built in 1922, it has a working pipe organ and is one of the few theaters in the world that can replicate a silent film one night and play Bridesmaids to a packed house the next. It's definitely a place to make a date out of a run-of-the-mill movie night.

2. The Roxie--Smack in the heart of the Mission's dodgier end, the Roxie is a teeny little theater that plays heartwrenching documentaries about AIDS right alongside live concerts of Sigur Ros concerts. It has love seats and beer for sale, so it's the closest you can get to having movie night on the sofa--except about 1,000 times better. Plus, it's insanely cheap!

3. Four Star Theatre--If you're stuck out over Twin Peaks but want to get your indie-flick on, Four Star in the Outer Richmond is the place to go. Although it's a little creaky with age (one screen? Really?), it has a great double-feature option and a totally charming atmosphere. It also does play the occasional "mainstream" movie, but at an indie-movie price. How could it go wrong?