3 Great Places to Buy a Stuffed Squirrel

3 Great Places to Buy a Stuffed Squirrel

Only in San Francisco could multiple taxidermy shops not only survive, but thrive. Even if you're a hippie vegan-type (which I am), there's still something to be said for an exquisitely rendered fox wearing a tuxedo. I...guess.

1. Paxton Gate--I'd say the majority of customers wander into Paxton Gate because of the giant "unicorn" visible from the street. Most of PG begs the question: even if one did generate the $3,000 to buy a family of stuffed wallabies, where would one put it? In the guest bathroom? But despite the plethora of animal heads, Paxton Gate is actually an airy, pretty store, with a giant collection of beautiful plants and its own taxidermy classes. Even the stone-faced register clerks will crack a smile if you ask them the right questions about your new Venus Flytrap.

2. Alexis Bittar--Unlike Paxton, one gets the sense from Alexis Bittar that the animal faces in this store are not for sale, no matter their apparent price tag. His awesome jewelry and clothing lines, however, are totally up for grabs. With collection titles like "Miss Havisham," it's not hard to believe that your dress came from somewhere with a moose head giving it the eye.

3. Loved to Death--Loved to Death takes glam taxidermy to a whole new level. With gruesome oddities that may or may not be authentic (I didn't get close enough to things like the Hand of Glory to verify), it's your twelve-year-old goth self's dream. Plus, it has a great art gallery in the back featuring works that would be perfect for making sure your mother never wants to sleep in the guest bedroom again.

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