3 Farmers' Markets Not Yet Closed For Winter

3 Farmers' Markets Not Yet Closed For Winter

Though I sometimes have my issues with San Francisco weather--seriously, city? no autumn?--one major advantage of this freakishly temperate climate is the fact that you can get farm-fresh produce all year round. Here are three places to get delicious veggies even as the clock ticks closer to Christmas:

1. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market--This is definitely the place to take your pretentious friend from down the Peninsula if they start sniffing at the lack of boulani available on the mean streets of SF. Each week, almost 25,000 shoppers visit the market to buy avocados, fresh flowers, and all the kale one digestive system can stand. It's open three days a week, though I'd recommend going on Saturdays to make a full day of it.

2. Mission Community Market--If you consider yourself a little more "indie" than your downtown fellows, Mission Community Market is the place for you. Open every Thursday, it allows the frillions of bodegas that bloom around 24th to spill over into Bryant, along with the best local flavor both in terms of food trucks and in music. It's also the only farmers' market I've ever known that has its own mailing list. MCM is more than a gathering--it's a community staple.

3. Alemany Farmers' Market--This is the oldest market in California, and while the neighborhood might not be the coziest, it's definitely got some of the best prices in town. I'd recommend getting there just as all the vendors do to get the best selection, though you can always take your chances later in the day. At the very least, you can help yourself to some freakin' delicious empanadas from the aisle vendors. Bon appetit!

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