3 Fabulous Mission Coffee Shops (That Aren't Philz)

3 Fabulous Mission Coffee Shops (That Aren't Philz)

Yes, yes, yes. Of course I adore Philz and its ridiculously precious single-cup brewing methods. But sometimes when you've drank 18 mugs of Tesora in one week, it's time for a change. Here are three shops that will slightly distract you from your burgeoning caffeine addiction:

1. Ritual Coffee Roasters--Ritual's clean, woody aesthetic makes for a lovely place to sit and ruminate over one's novel in progress, but that's not the only thing that sets this shop apart. It also sources the vast majority of its coffee directly from producers. It may not have Philz's range of choice, but one could argue that it spends the extra energy on improving the quality of the blends it selects.

2. Four Barrel--If Ritual is the dark, edgy boyfriend of coffee, Four Barrel is your male bff who sometimes gets you weirdly romantic presents for holidays. Especially if dark, heavy roasts send you scrambling for the milk and sugar, Four Barrel's light, pithy taste will be a treat. Plus, they have a deal with Dynamo, so no matter which side of the Mission you're on, you'll be able to indulge. Perfection!

3. Sugarlump--I like Sugarlump because unlike most coffee houses, it actually offers a more refined gastronomic fare than "donuts" and "everything else." Its coffee is standard at worst, but the food/tea selection is to die for. Plus, it serves beer and wine! The perfect place to take an edging-on-awkward OKCupid date.

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