3 Fab Places to Get A Haircut in the Castro

Between screenings at the Castro Theater and stuffing one's face at Hot Cookie, it can be hard to remember to get your shag trimmed. But if you find yourself bemoaning your fate while wandering the streets of the Castro, here are five places where you can go from Ringo Starr to Tom Hardy.

1. Every Six Weeks--Not only is E6W totally great with regard to reminding me how often I need a haircut (sure, that's a dumb joke, but without the reminder I start banging into walls because my fringe is too long), it's also the place to go if you have a serious commitment to image tweaking. Going into E6W (with some cash in hand, mind you) is like going to a personal consultant that tells you all about your bone structure. Except it's even better at the end because, hello, haircut!

2. Hair Play--I'll be frank, here. I have no desire to get married, ever. But if I did, I would so want Hair Play to make all my bridesmaids look just a tiny bit worse than my radiant-ass self. Hair Play is fairly reasonably priced and absolutely committed to quality work. With over ten stylists to choose from, you can decide whether you want something understated and professional or bold and awesome. Work it, girl.

3. Nice Cuts--My hair is the color and consistency of a weasel's, so I've never faced the age-old "But I have curly hair!" issue. But I hear tell that Leah is your go-to on the block for hair that looks like you stuck your fork in a toaster oven. Plus, $16? Jesus, I'll get a perm first and then go get my hair done by her if it's that cheap.