Haight District Shopping

Haight District Shopping

If you’re looking for vintage clothing, classic vinyl, colorful street characters, and souvenirs of the psychedelic ‘60’s, the busy streets of the Haight are where you want to be. Haight Ashbury can be very crowded and it’s tough to find street parking on the weekends. You can find 2 hour parking on Haight, one block up.

The famous meeting of Haight and Ashbury Streets has a Gap and a Ben and Jerry’s now but the vibe is pseudo- psychedelic ‘60’s, an attitude much more commercial and less laid-back than the more innocent “flower power“ era. But even though these chains have infiltrated the neighborhood, the ‘60’s spirit of independent thought and free expression still holds in the Haight, especially in the mix of fun, funky and one-of-a-kind shops to be found there.

Amoeba Music, at 855 Haight, is a huge, independent record store that specializes in vinyl records and CD‘s. (Other locations are in Berkeley and on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.) With an incredible selection and service, Amoeba has managed to survive and thrive, even as the big, bad chains swallow up neighborhood independent music sellers. Be prepared to spend a lot of time there searching through the well-organized stacks.

There are plenty of vintage, as well as new, clothing stores. Held Over, located at 1543 Haight, sells reasonably priced vintage and consignment clothing. The store is well-organized by style as well as by era and stocks men’s clothing in an area called the “Meat Locker.” Skirts are thoughtfully hung according to length. You’ll find lots of jewelry, hats, boots, and even furs here, too, and multiple dressing rooms to try on all the treasures you’re sure to find.

For a quick bite to eat, try the mouth- watering thin crust pesto pizza at Escape from New York (1737 Haight) the tiny place that sells huge slices of pizza for $2 per slice. For a more substantial meal, The People’s Café, at 1419 Haight, serves a huge and varied American menu of burgers, bagels, sandwiches, salads, and more. Breakfast is served anytime. The chai tea gets rave reviews as well as the Starbucks-style coffee bar. Try the tasty herb-crusted smoked salmon sandwich and get a table next to the window, a primo spot for people-watching on Haight Street.